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Psoriatic arthritisC0003872
Psoriatic ArthritisC0003872
Rheumatoid ArthritisC0003873
Rheumatoid arthritisC0003873
Behcet`s diseaseC0004943
Behcet`s DiseaseC0004943
Calcinosis cutisC0006664
Carpal Tunnel SyndromeC0007286
Carpal tunnel syndromeC0007286
Neck painC0007859
Chondromalacia PatellaeC0008475
Chondromalacia PatellaeC0008475
Churg-Strauss SyndromeC0008728
Churg-Strauss syndromeC0008728
Ulcerative colitisC0009324
Coronary artery aneurysmsC0010051
Diabetes mellitusC0011849
Erythema chronicum migransC0014740
Erythema nodosumC0014743
Eye FindingsC0015411
GI bleedingC0017181
Congestive heart failureC0018802
Cardiac murmurC0018808
Hepatitis B surface antigenC0019168
Herpes infectionC0019372
Infectious mononucleosisC0021345
Irritable bowel syndromeC0022104
Tuberculous ArthritisC0022415
Tuberculous arthritisC0022415
Kerato conjunctivitis siccaC0022575
Keratodermia blennorrhagicaC0022594
Renal Function TestC0022662
LE cellsC0023172
Lung Function TestC0024119
Discoid lupus erythematosusC0024138
Systemic lupus erythematosusC0024141
Systemic Lupus ErythematosusC0024141
Lyme DiseaseC0024198
Lyme diseaseC0024198
Kawasaki DiseaseC0026691
Kawasaki diseaseC0026691
Myocardial infarctionC0027051
Nephrotic syndromeC0027726
Neurologic ExaminationC0027853
Optic neuritisC0029134
Organic brain syndromeC0029221
Degenerative Joint DiseaseC0029408
Degenerative joint diseaseC0029408
primary OAC0029408
Polyarteritis NodosaC0031036
Polyarteritis nodosaC0031036
Mixed Connective Tissue DiseaseC0026272
Mixed connective tissue diseaseC0026272
Physical ExaminationC0031809
Physical ExamC0031809
Relapsing polychondritisC0032453
Relapsing PolychondritisC0032453
Polymyalgia RheumaticaC0032533
Polymyalgia rheumaticaC0032533
Pseudotumor cerebriC0033845
Henoch-Schonlein PurpuraC0034152
Henoch-Schonlein purpuraC0034152
Raynaud`s phenomenon (by history or observed)C0034735
Reiter`s Syndrome or Reactive ArthritisC0035012
Reiter`s or Reactive arthritisC0035012
Rheumatic FeverC0035436
Rheumatic feverC0035436
Subcutaneous rheumatoid nodulesC0035450
Rocky Mountain spotted feverC0035793
Progressive Systemic SclerosisC0036421
Progressive systemic sclerosisC0036421
Sleep disturbancesC0037317
Spinal StenosisC0037944
Spinal StenosisC0037944
Ankylosing spondylitisC0038013
Ankylosing SpondylitisC0038013
Takayasu`s ArteritisC0039263
Takayasu`s arteritisC0039263
Giant Cell ArteritisC0039483
Giant cell arteritisC0039483
tennis elbowC0039516
Lateral epicondylitisC0039516
Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)C0039516
Laboratory: urine examinationC0042014
Posterior uveitisC0042167
Vasculitis, nonspecificC0042384
Vasculitis, nonspecificC0042384
Visual lossC0042798
Wegener`s GranulomatosisC0043092
Wegener`s granulomatosisC0043092
Adult Still`s DiseaseC0085253
Adult Still`s DiseaseC0085253
Livedo reticularisC0085642
Pyoderma gangrenosumC0085652
Erythema marginatumC0085659
Diagnostic studiesC0086143
Hepatic dysfunctionC0086565
Still`s diseaseC0087031
Patient`s SexC0150831
Patient`s Age and Age at Onset of the Main ProblemC0150832
Type of feverC0150835
Menu of Other Findings: Systems ReviewC0150838
Drug Treatment and Response to TherapyC0150839
Former or Present Systemic DiseaseC0150840
Muscle Pain or WeaknessC0150841
Generalized Non-articular Aches, Pain or StiffnessC0150843
Skin BiopsyC0150866
Skin Findings: NodulesC0150867
Visual Loss: Further CharacterizationC0150869
Head and Scalp FindingsC0150870
Chest FindingsC0150872
Cardio-vascular Findings: HeartC0150873
Cardio-vascular Findings: Peripheral ArteriesC0150874
Cardio-vascular Findings: Invasive Studies of ArteriesC0150875
Urethritis or CervicitisC0150880
Neuro-psychiatric FindingsC0150881
Neurologic Examination: LegsC0150882
Non-synovial Infectious Disease, Recent or CurrentC0150883
Infectious Disease Status: Past or Present InfectionsC0150884
Indications of TuberculosisC0150885
Menu: LaboratoryC0150886
Synovial BiopsyC0150887
Synovial Fluid: StainC0150889
Synovial Fluid: CultureC0150890
Synovial Fluid: Other Laboratory FindingsC0150891
Laboratory Findings: SerologyC0150893
Laboratory Findings: Serology and ChemistryC0150894
Laboratory Findings: Serology, FANAC0150895
Laboratory Findings: Serology, ENA titersC0150896
Laboratory Findings: Serology, DNA titerC0150897
Laboratory Findings: Serology, other ABC0150898
Laboratory Findings: ChemistryC0150900
Laboratory Findings: Muscle and Liver EnzymesC0150901
Laboratory Findings: Serum ComplementsC0150902
Laboratory Findings: UrineC0150903
Patient is maleC0150904
Patient is femaleC0150905
Patient age at this workupC0150906
Patient age at onset of symptomsC0150907
Weight loss >=10% of body weightC0150908
Weight >30% above idealC0150909
History of tick biteC0150914
Fever with daily intermittent variations from normal to >39.4 CC0150917
Fever of >=38 C for >5 daysC0150918
Spine ProblemC0150920
Pain or swelling of tendon, insertion of tendon, or bursaC0150922
Generalized aches, pain or stiffnessC0150930
Nodules, swelling skin, lymph nodesC0150931
Head and scalpC0150932
Eyes and visionC0150933
Ear, nose and throatC0150934
Peripheral blood vesselsC0150936
Renal findings, including biopsyC0150937
Concomitant or past diseasesC0150941
Present or past infectious diseaseC0150943
Response to penicillin within 48 hoursC0150946
Response to steroid injection, carpal tunnel sheathC0150948
Good response to steroid therapy, dosage 15 mg/day, one weekC0150949
Systemic illness, non-rheumatologicalC0150951
EMG/NCV or muscle biopsy performedC0150956
Abnormal EMG, myopathicC0150959
Number of tender points consistent with fibrositisC0150963
Digital ulcers/scars (bland pits)C0150990
Nail pittingC0150993
Hand discomfort, worsening at nightC0150997
Phalen`s maneuver or Reverse Phalen`s maneuverC0151037
Pain with supination of forearm against resistanceC0151043
Tender bicipital tendon in bicipital grooveC0151048
Shoulder pain, worse at nightC0151052
Pain with flexion of shoulder against resistanceC0151054
Painful shoulder on abduction and/or rotationC0151055
Inability to maintain 90 degrees` passive abduction ("drop arm" sign)C0151057
Plain radiograph of shoulder with elevated humeral headC0151064
Positive shoulder arthrogram or MRI for rotator cuff tearC0151065
Pain at the greater trochanter with adduction of the hipC0151102
Aching of upper lateral thighC0151103
Pain when lying on hipC0151104
Peritrochanteric calcificationC0151105
Thoracic spine: kyphosis, scoliosis, deformityC0151142
Limitation of lumbar motion, Schober`s test <5 cm (2 ")C0151149
Sacro-iliac joints: pain elicited by stress-testC0151150
Spinal abscess, by X-rayC0151156
Diffuse sclerosis, extending above wrists or involving the trunkC0151167
Diffuse erythema of the palms and solesC0151168
Peeling of the palms and solesC0151169
Gottron`s patchesC0151172
Heliotrope eyelidsC0151173
Purpura or ecchymosisC0151174
Gonococcal skin lesionsC0151175
Cutaneous ulcerations, vascularC0151176
Psoriasis, skin or nailsC0151177
Urticarial, maculopapular or target-like rash of trunk or extremitiesC0151179
Skin or nodule biopsy performedC0151180
Skin biopsy, dermal vasculitisC0151181
Skin biopsy, lupus band testC0151182
Skin biopsy, diagnostic of PSSC0151183
Skin biopsy, subcutaneous RA noduleC0151184
Skin biopsy, pustular vasculitis of Behcet`s diseaseC0151185
Skin biopsy, neutrophilic dermatosis or Sweet`s syndromeC0151186
Subcutaneous non-rheumatoid nodules, disappearing <=4 daysC0151188
Subcutaneous non-rheumatoid nodules, >4 daysC0151189
Palpable purpuraC0151190
Gouty tophus or erosion, not proven by biopsy or needle aspirationC0151191
Uric acid crystals in biopsy or needle aspirationC0151192
Conjunctivitis, observedC0151193
Conjunctivitis, by history onlyC0151194
Iridocyclitis or uveitis, unspecifiedC0151195
Acute anterior uveitis or iridocyclitis or hypopyonC0151196
Chronic uveitis or iridocyclitisC0151197
Schirmer`s test: less than 5 mm wetting in both eyesC0151200
Bilateral conjunctival injectionC0151201
Partial or transientC0151203
Diplopia or blurringC0151204
Periorbital edemaC0151205
Scalp tendernessC0151206
Temporal artery painC0151207
Nasal cartilage lossC0151208
Pain or tenderness over paranasal sinusesC0151209
X-rays of paranasal sinuses: opacification or destruction of boneC0151210
Granulomatous changes in biopsy of nose, sinus or mouthC0151211
Claudication, intermittent, of jaw, tongue or upper extremitiesC0151212
Oral/nasal mucosal ulcersC0151213
Salivary gland biopsy of lower lip positive for Sjogren`sC0151214
Injected, dry, fissured lips or strawberry tongueC0151215
Purulent or granulomatous otitis mediaC0151216
Chronic otitis externaC0151217
Auricular chondritis/pain and swelling of pinnaeC0151218
Nasal chondritisC0151219
Respiratory tract chondritisC0151220
Cartilage biopsy, pathological conclusionC0151221
Vestibular dysfunction - vertigoC0151222
Asthma or bronchospasmC0151223
Chest X-ray: pulmonary interstitial diseaseC0151224
Chest X-ray: non-infectious pulmonary infiltratesC0151225
Chest X-ray: non-infectious, non-malignant nodular or cavitary infiltratesC0151226
Chest X-ray: pulmonary upper lobe fibrosisC0151227
Necrotizing granulomata on respiratory tract bxC0151228
Proliferative vascular lesions on lung bxC0151229
Pulmonary hypertension by echocardiography or right heart catheterizationC0151230
CO diffusing capacity; % normalC0151232
Cardiac murmur of MIC0151233
Aortic insufficiency: cardiac murmur of AIC0151234
Cardiac murmur, changingC0151235
Conduction system abnormalitiesC0151236
Prolonged PR interval, >=0.20C0151237
Myocarditis or cardiomyopathy on exam, EKG and echocardiographyC0151238
Pericarditis, on EKG or echocardiographyC0151239
Pericarditis, on physical examinationC0151240
Atrial myxomaC0151241
Hypertension, >140/90 basalC0151243
Difference in systolic blood pressure between arms >10mmC0151244
Absent pulses, anyC0151245
Reduced pulsation of one or both brachial arteriesC0151246
Cranial arteritis, clinical finding onlyC0151247
Thrombosis, non-cranial arteries, past or presentC0151248
Bruit, subclavian arteries or aortaC0151250
Aortitis, past or presentC0151251
Arterial biopsy or arteriography performedC0151252
Arteriographic narrowing or occlusion of aortic branch not consistent with atherosclerotic disease or fibromuscular dysplasiaC0151253
Arteriography, aneurysmsC0151254
Arteriography, consistent with arteritisC0151255
Arterial biopsy, vasculitisC0151256
Arterial biopsy, giant cell arteritisC0151257
Arterial biopsy, necrotizing vasculitisC0151258
Arterial biopsy, eosinophilic granulomatous vasculitisC0151259
Esophageal hypomotilityC0151260
Saccular diverticulumC0151261
Nausea or abdominal painC0151263
Diarrheal illness within last 2 wks, hxC0151264
Mesenteric vasculitisC0151267
Visceral infarctionC0151268
History of hematuriaC0151270
Radiolucent nephrolithiasisC0151272
Renal biopsy abnormalC0151273
Renal biopsy: focal glomerulonephritisC0151274
Renal biopsy: mesangial glomerulonephritisC0151275
Renal biopsy: diffuse glomerulonephritisC0151276
Renal biopsy: membranous glomerulonephritisC0151277
Renal biopsy: vasculitisC0151278
Renal biopsy: scleroderma kidneyC0151279
Creatinine clearance, ml/minC0151280
Genital ulcerationsC0151281
Penile lesion, by history or observedC0151284
Different sexual contact, hxC0151285
Urethritis or cervicitis: by historyC0151287
Urethritis or cervicitis: current (within last month)C0151288
Urethritis or cervicitis: negative culture and gram stainC0151289
Urethritis or cervicitis: chlamydia trachomatisC0151290
Urethritis or cervicitis: gonococcalC0151291
Headache, recent onset, localized or generalizedC0151292
Headache, chronicC0151293
Coma or pre-comaC0151294
Mononeuritis multiplexC0151295
Aseptic meningitis or meningoencephalitisC0151296
Paresthesia or sensory changes: upper thigh, anterior, medial and lateral surface of legC0151297
Paresthesia or sensory changes: anterior surface of lower thigh; anterior and medial surfaces of kneeC0151298
Paresthesia or sensory changes: anteromedial surface of legC0151299
Paresthesia or sensory changes: anterolateral surface of leg; dorsum and medial surface of footC0151300
Paresthesia or sensory changes: lateral border and sole of foot, back of heel and lower calfC0151301
Decreased knee jerk on affected sideC0151302
Decreased ankle jerk on affected sideC0151303
Muscle weakness: flexion and adduction of hipC0151304
Muscle weakness: adduction of hip, extension of kneeC0151305
Muscle weakness: extension of knee, dorsiflexion and inversion of footC0151306
Extension and abduction of hip; flexion of knee; dorsiflexion foot, especially halluxC0151307
Flexion of knee, plantar flexion and eversion of footC0151308
Positive straight leg raising or femoral nerve stretch testC0151309
Paresthesia, diffuseC0151310
Cranial nerve palsyC0151311
Peripheral sensory neuropathyC0151313
Neck stiffnessC0151315
Hemiparesis or other focal CNS abnormality by physical examination or imaging procedureC0151316
Infection, chronicC0151317
Bacterial infection, proven, recent or currentC0151318
Gram-negative diplococci on stain, non-synovialC0151319
Bacterial infection, gonococcal, proven by stainC0151320
Bacterial infection, gonococcal, proven by cultureC0151321
Bacterial infection, streptococcus, Group A, beta-hemolytic, proven by throat cultureC0151322
Bacterial infection, proven, sub-acute bacterial endocarditisC0151323
Bowel infection, proven, Yersinia, Salmonella, Shigella, CampylobacterC0151324
Infectious hepatitis presentC0151325
Infectious hepatitis, non-ictericC0151326
Infectious hepatitis, ictericC0151327
Viral carditisC0151328
Rubella vaccination within last 6 weeksC0151329
Tuberculosis, any indications, past or presentC0151330
PPD skin test > 10mm after 3 daysC0151331
Tuberculosis, activeC0151332
Tuberculosis, acid fast bacilli on stain from non-synovial siteC0151333
Tuberculosis, granulomata, non-synovialC0151334
Synovial or cerebrospinal fluid examinationC0151335
Laboratory: chemistryC0151339
Laboratory: muscle and liver enzymesC0151340
Laboratory: serology (rheumatoid factor, etc.)C0151341
Laboratory: serologic tests for bacteriae or virusesC0151342
Laboratory: complement C3, C4, CH50C0151343
Synovial biopsy: acid fast bacilli on stainC0151344
Synovial biopsy: granulomataC0151345
Synovial biopsy: inflammation presentC0151346
Synovial biopsy: tenosynovitisC0151347
Synovial biopsy: foreign body synovitisC0151348
Synovial biopsy: pigmented villonodular synovitisC0151349
Synovial fluid: inflammatory, granulocytic predominanceC0151350
Synovial fluid: mononuclear predominanceC0151351
Synovial fluid: monosodium urate crystalsC0151352
Synovial fluid: calcium pyrophosphate crystalsC0151353
Synovial fluid: organisms seen on stainC0151354
Synovial fluid: organisms from cultureC0151355
CSF white blood cells with lymphocytic predominanceC0151356
Synovial fluid: gram negative diplococciC0151357
Synovial fluid: organisms on acid fast stainC0151358
Synovial fluid culture: n. gonorrheaC0151359
Synovial fluid culture: staphylococcusC0151360
Synovial fluid culture: streptococcusC0151361
Synovial fluid culture: h. influenzaC0151362
Synovial fluid culture: gram negative rodsC0151363
Synovial fluid culture: m. tuberculosisC0151364
Synovial fluid culture: other organismsC0151365
Synovial fluid WBC (normal less than 1000/cu mm)C0151366
Synovial fluid glucose, mg%C0151367
Synovial fluid granulocyte, %C0151368
Synovial fluid mononuclear, %C0151369
CSF white countC0151370
WBC count (normal 4000-10,800/cu mm)C0151373
Polymorphonuclear leukocytes (normal 50-95%)C0151374
Lymphocytes (normal 10-40%)C0151375
Platelet count (normal 150,000-400,000/cu mm )C0151377
Rheumatoid factor presentC0151379
FANA (fluorescent antinuclear antibodies)C0151380
DNA antibody, crithidiaC0151381
DNA antibody, hemagglutinationC0151382
ENA: extractable nuclear antigen antibody (e.g., RNP, SS-A)C0151383
Anti-cytoplasmatic antibodiesC0151384
Circulating anticoagulant, lupus anticoagulant or antiphospholipid antibodiesC0151385
HLA B27 antibodyC0151386
RA factor, titer 1: (positive is greater than 1:80)C0151387
FANA, titer 1: (positive is greater than 1:40)C0151388
FANA +, rimC0151389
FANA +, speckledC0151390
FANA +, diffuse or homogeneousC0151391
FANA +, nucleolarC0151392
FANA +, centromereC0151393
ENA +, titer 1: (high is greater than 100,000)C0151394
ENA +, highest ever titer 1: (high is greater than 100,000)C0151395
Anti-DNA antibodies, titer 1: (positive is greater than 1:10)C0151396
RNP antibody, immunodiffusion or other methodC0151397
Sm antibody, immunodiffusion or other methodC0151398
Specific autoantibodies seen in polymyositis or dermatomyositis (e.g., PM1, Jo, Me, etc)C0151399
SS-A antibody, immunodiffusion or other methodC0151400
SS-B antibody, immunodiffusion or other methodC0151401
Scl-70 antibody, immunodiffusion or other methodC0151402
Streptococcus, immunological evidence (ASO titer, DNase B, etc)C0151403
Lyme serology, evidence of recent infectionC0151404
False positive VDRL or RPRC0151405
BUN, mg%C0151406
Serum glucose, mg%C0151407
Serum creatinine, mg%C0151408
Serum calcium, mg%C0151409
Serum uric acid, high threshold of normal, mg/dlC0151411
CPK, patient valueC0151413
CPK, high threshold of normalC0151414
SGOT, patient valueC0151415
SGOT, high threshold of normalC0151416
Aldolase, patient valueC0151417
Aldolase, high threshold of normalC0151418
Alkaline phosphatase, patient valueC0151419
Alkaline phosphatase, high threshold of normalC0151420
C3 complement, patient valueC0151421
C3 complement, low threshold of normalC0151422
C4 complement, patient valueC0151423
C4 complement, low threshold of normalC0151424
CH50 complement, patient valueC0151425
CH50 complement, low threshold of normalC0151426
Erythrocytes, >5/hpf in urineC0151427
Red blood cell casts in urineC0151428
WBC casts in urineC0151429
Granular casts in urineC0151430
Sterile pyuria, leucocytes <20 /hpfC0151431
Proteinuria (normal less than 0.5 gm/24 hrs)C0151432
Bicipital TendinitisC0151434
Bicipital tendinitisC0151434
Enteropathic ArthritisC0151435
Enteropathic arthritisC0151435
Hypersensitivity vasculitisC0151436
Hypersensitivity VasculitisC0151436
Non-specific Back PainC0151442
Non-specific back painC0151442
Non-specific Joint PainC0151443
Non-specific joint painC0151443
Primary Raynaud`sC0151445
Primary Raynaud`s phenomenonC0151445
Rotator Cuff TendinitisC0151448
Rotator cuff tendinitisC0151448
Sjogren`s Syndrome, PrimaryC0151449
Sjogren`s syndrome, primaryC0151449
Sjogren`s Syndrome, SecondaryC0151450
Sjogren`s syndrome, secondaryC0151450
Trochanteric BursitisC0151451
Trochanteric bursitisC0151451
None of the aboveC0151453
Unsure of diagnosisC0151454
Juvenile RA, Pauci-articular OnsetC0151456
Juvenile RA, pauci-articular onsetC0151456
Juvenile RA, Poly-articular OnsetC0151457
Juvenile RA, poly-articular onsetC0151457
Growth retardationC0151686
Retinal vasculitisC0152026
Sydenham`s choreaC0152113
Trigeminal neuropathyC0152177
Gonococcal ArthritisC0153216
Gonococcal arthritisC0153216
Examiner`s DiagnosisC0178413
Laboratory: hematologyC0200627
Synovial Fluid: ExaminationC0200648
Ischemic necrosisC0221247
Avascular NecrosisC0221247
Avascular NecrosisC0221247
Nature of ComplaintC0221561
Location of ComplaintC0221562
Character of ComplaintC0221563
Specific X-ray FindingsC0221564
General X-ray FindingsC0221566
Mechanical ArthritisC0221567
Inflammatory MonoarthritisC0221568
Neurological ProblemC0221571
Hands & Wrist: Hx, Physical Exam & X-raysC0221573
Hand & Wrist: Neurological Hx, Exam & Diagnostic StudiesC0221574
Shoulder: Hx, Physical Exam & X-ray FindingsC0221576
Elbow: History and Physical ExaminationC0221577
Foot: History and Physical ExaminationC0221578
Hip: History, Physical Exam & X-ray FindingsC0221579
Knee: History and Physical ExaminationC0221580
Ankle, Heel & Midfoot: History, Physical ExamC0221581
Spine: History, Physical Exam & X-raysC0221582
CSF White Blood CellsC0221583
Lab Findings: Serologic Tests for Bacteriae, VirusesC0221584
Joint or joint related complaintC0221585
Spine complaintC0221586
Muscle complaintC0221588
Rheumatic illness with extraarticular and/or constitutional features (fever, rash, pleurisy,etc) OR Systemic illness with rheumatic manifestationC0221589
Wrist(s) and/or Hand(s)C0221592
Ankle(s), Heel(s), and/or Midfoot(feet)C0221595
Foot or FeetC0221596
Migratory joint painC0221597
Joint complaint(s) localized to a single jointC0221598
Morning stiffness (>1 hour)C0221599
History of joint swelling, 3 or more peripheral joints for greater than 6 weeks durationC0221600
Abrupt onset of joint complaint (<24 hours)C0221601
Onset of complaint(s) following surgeryC0221602
Recurrent episodes of arthritis, each lasting less than 2 weeks and separated by asymptomatic intervalsC0221603
Chronic arthritis, longer than six weeks durationC0221604
Joint pain on weight bearing or with use, improved from restC0221605
History of trauma to affected joint(s)C0221606
Favorable response to treatmentC0221607
Joint soft tissue (synovial) swelling by examinationC0221608
Symmetrical distribution of synovial swelling (if more than one joint affected)C0221609
Bony joint enlargementC0221610
X-rays of the affected joint(s) are availableC0221612
Family history of goutC0221613
Family history of rheumatoid arthritisC0221614
Family history of ankylosing spondylitis or related diseaseC0221615
Uniform joint space narrowing presentC0221616
Osteophytes in non-axial joints presentC0221617
Articular erosion(s) presentC0221618
Periarticular or juxta-articular osteoporosis presentC0221619
Non-uniform joint space narrowing presentC0221620
Chondrocalcinosis presentC0221621
Periostitis at sites of tendon insertions presentC0221622
Osteoporosis in patchy distribution presentC0221623
X-ray showing avascular necosisC0221624
MRI showing avascular necrosisC0221625
History of high dose corticosteroid treatmentC0221626
History of Systemic lupus erythematosusC0221627
History of alcohol abuseC0221628
Proximal muscle weaknessC0221629
DIP joints: arthralgia with or without swellingC0221630
PIP joints: arthralgia with or without swellingC0221631
MCP joints : arthralgia with or without swellingC0221632
CMC 1 joint(s): arthralgia with or without swellingC0221633
Wrist joint(s): arthralgia with or without swellingC0221634
DIP joints: bony joint enlargement, Heberden`s nodesC0221635
PIP joints: bony joint enlargement, Bouchard`s nodesC0221636
CMC 1 joint: tender with palpation or painful with motionC0221637
DIP joints: synovial soft tissue swellingC0221638
PIP joints: synovial soft tissue swellingC0221639
MCP joints: synovial soft tissue swellingC0221640
Wrist joint(s): synovial soft tissue swellingC0221641
Extra-articular swelling of hands or fingers (i.e., sausage finger or dactylitis)C0221642
Pain or paresthesias, median nerve distributionC0221643
Weakness and/or atrophy, thenar musclesC0221644
Abnormal EMG, thenar or other hand musclesC0221645
Delayed sensory latency, median nerve conductionC0221646
Abnormal muscle biopsy, inflammatoryC0221647
Bilateral neurologic weakness, lower extremitiesC0221648
Bilateral neurologic sensory deficit, lower extremitisC0221649
Shoulder joint or periarticular painC0221650
History of trauma or injury to shoulderC0221651
History of repetitive shoulder motionC0221652
Painful arc (pain in 60-120 degree abduction)C0221653
Pain with restricted abduction and/or rotationC0221654
Synovial swelling of the shoulder(s) presentC0221655
Periarticular calcifications presentC0221656
Elbow joint or periarticular painC0221657
Synovial swelling of the elbow(s) presentC0221658
Lateral epicondyle tender to palpationC0221659
Lateral epicondyle painful with resisted extension of wristC0221660
Lateral epicondyle painful with power gripC0221661
Bursal swellingC0221662
MTP 1 joints: Arthralgia presentC0221663
MTP 2-5 joints: Arthralgia presentC0221664
MTP 1 joints: synovial swellingC0221665
MTP 2-5 joints: synovial swellingC0221666
Swelling and/or tenderness of plantar aponeurosisC0221667
Juxta-articular swelling (sausage toe)C0221668
Pain in groin with internal/external rotationC0221669
Pain with palpation of greater trochanterC0221670
Knee joint or periarticular pain presentC0221671
Knee pain with climbing stairsC0221672
Synovial swelling of the knee(s) presentC0221673
Swelling anterior to knee (prepatellar bursa) presentC0221674
Swelling behind knee (Baker`s cyst) presentC0221675
Tenderness to compression of patella against femurC0221676
Ankle: joint pain or periarticular pain presentC0221677
Heel: joint pain or periarticular pain presentC0221678
Midfoot(feet): joint pain or periarticular pain presentC0221679
Ankle: synovial swellingC0221680
Midfoot(feet): synovial swellingC0221681
Pain with palpation and/or swelling at Achilles` insertionC0221682
Lumbar spine pain > 3 monthsC0221683
Lumbar spine pain and/or morning stiffness or night pain of the back, improving with motionC0221684
Lumbar spine pain with radiation below kneeC0221685
Lumbar spine pain aggravated by cough or sneezeC0221686
Pseudoclaudication, lower extremitiesC0221687
Limitation, chest expansion, <=5 cmC0221688
Limitation of lumbar motion, anterior or lateralC0221689
CT or MRI showing disc protrusion and/or neuro-foraminal narrowing with nerve root compression rewordedC0221691
CT or MRI showing spinal stenosis with cord compressionC0221692
JRA rashC0221693
Urethritis or cervicitis (specify on next screen)C0221694
Hemoglobin (normal 12-16 gm%)C0221696
Hematocrit (normal 40-50%)C0221697
Eosinophil count (normal 0-500/cu mm)C0221698
ESR Westergren (normal <20 mm female, <30 mm male)C0221699
Serum uric acid (normal 1.5 to 8.0 mg/dl)C0221700
Gamma globulin (normal 2.0 to 3.0 gm/dl)C0221701
Axial skeletonC0222645
Appendicular skeletonC0222646
Lumbosacral spineC0223603
Joint crepitanceC0231592
Peripheral motor neuropathyC0235025
Neurological complaintC0235031
Intervertebral Disc HerniationC0242362
Intervertebral disc herniationC0242362
Lyme arthritisC0242381
Rotator Cuff TearC0263912
Rotator cuff tearC0263912
Sensorimotor polyneuropathyC0271682
Distal tingling on percussion (Tinel`s sign)C0277843
Malar (butterfly) rashC0277942
Parotid enlargementC0341047
Diarrhea, chronicC0401151
Uric acid nephrolithiasisC0403719
Circinate balanitisC0403762
Lung function test performedC0420807
Renal FindingsC0426703
Systemic DiseaseC0442893
Skin FindingsC0455205
History of rheumatic feverC0455526
Laboratory Findings: HematologyC0474523
Hemolytic anemia (by history only)C0475689
calcium pyrophosphate deposition diseaseC0553730
CPPD (pseudo-gout)C0553730
Ear, Nose and Throat FindingsC0574123
Genito-urinary findingsC0577165
Genito-urinary Tract FindingsC0577165
Testicular tendernessC0577213
Thoracic spine painC0677061
Regional enteritis (Crohn`s disease)C0678202
Cervical spineC0728985
Gastro-intestinal findingsC1261141
GI FindingsC1261141
Family History of ArthritisC1261368
Juvenile RA, Systemic OnsetC1384600
Juvenile RA, systemic onsetC1384600
Hearing impairmentC1384666
Superficial thrombophlebitisC1510431
Inflammatory PolyarthritisC1692871
Bacterial arthritisC1692886
Bacterial ArthritisC1692886
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